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What Is Surrogate Partner Therapy? (An Interview)

I recently came across an interview with my IPSA mentor, Vena Blanchard that I thought was just amazing. I wish every potential client and therapist would read through it; it answers so many questions! Here’s the link to the sexuality.org interview. I didn’t want to re-post it here because it’s already written up nicely for you there.

Here are some of the interview questions (go to the link to read the responses):

How effective is surrogate partner therapy, in comparison to “pure talk” therapies involving only the client and his or her therapist?

What misconceptions do clients typically have about surrogate therapy, if any?

What misconceptions do therapists sometimes have?

How should the therapist respond if a client begins to focus on the surrogate’s body type as being relevant, before even meeting him or her?

Articles and interviews like this one make me so proud to be a Surrogate Partner Intern working with IPSA!

~ Tara